Aviasales enters experience market by launching its new application for music lovers

Events app tracks the tour dates and offers a bundle of plane & show tickets in just a few clicks.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 — Concerts are the most prominent travel market drivers. According to internal research conducted by Aviasales, one of the five trips was inspired by the upcoming gigs. On the other hand, activities market (including tours, attractions, events) takes 10% after airlines (40%) and hotels (33%), and it's rapidly growing.

Hence, the new application is addressing travellers' needs. Events by Aviasales allows users to find and purchase a ticket for a long-awaited show, find bargain flights and share the itinerary.

UX design is easy to navigate through. Having the exact dates and destination, a user can get the list of related events. Relevancy comes from media libraries of such services as Apple Music and Spotify. The application relies on personal preferences and playlists.

Second usage pattern implies that travel plans are not set in stone. In this case, a traveller will get the map of suitable events. For instance, the service recommends Lady Gaga's show in Las Vegas, starting from December 28th. Tickets are available at a price of $394, and the round-trip flight from Moscow round-trip — at $721. 

The app currently operates the database of ten thousand performers of different genres and more than 34.000 events across the globe. The development team unveiled the chart of most wanted performances including Imagine Dragons, 50 Cent and Ed Sheeran. Based on firsts sales, the cities to go to are London, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Moscow and Paris. 

Now the application is available for iOS users exclusively. 

Yulia Domracheva PR Manager at Go Travel Un Limited
Janis Dzenis PR Director at Go Travel Un Limited