Aviasales Launched Enormously Cheap Fares Bot for Slack Messenger

Slack is a team collaboration with a lot of hidden pearls. One of the is Aviasales' enormously cheap fares bot, which allows finding the best deals with a click. 

How it works
Slack Bot monitors the average price for the chosen destination (for example, Moscow-Tel Aviv) and sends price alerts in Slack. Ticket prices may change many times a day as they depend on currency rate and other reasons. Besides, airlines run promotion sales or tickets become cheaper due to simple mistakes by travel agents. Bot fixes all changes. So you will not miss any good deals.
To install Aviasales' bot, the user needs to choose a proper Slack channel and set routes. The default destination is Moscow (MOW) to anywhere with at least 30% cost reduction. However, the subscription is highly manageable. 

In practice
To install the bot follow the link: https://medon.aviasales.ru/integrate. The main commands are:
/aviasales info — information with settings
/aviasales list — subscription list
/aviasales add — to add new subscription (rules in info)
/aviasales reset — delete all subscriptions

To find cheap tickets from Moscow to Europe in a period from October to December, with duration 8-10 days and 45+% cost reduction, type: /aviasales add MOW Europe 10,11,12 8-10 45

Contact us
Janis Dzenis PR Director, Go Travel Un Limited
Yulia Domracheva PR Manager, Go Travel Un Limited
Janis Dzenis PR Director, Go Travel Un Limited
Yulia Domracheva PR Manager, Go Travel Un Limited
About Aviasales

Aviasales.ru is the first and the biggest Russian travel search engine which lets consumers find cheap flights and holiday accommodation online or via its apps.

Being founded in 2007 as a private blog, the company has been rapidly growing across the globe. Its application has installed in each third iPhone in Russia, and seven million travelers plan their journey on www.aviasales.ru

Helping consumers find cheap flights Aviasales helps airlines find passengers.

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